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Contact me for: Executive wellness and leadership programs for those who understand that their health is one of their most important business assets.

Holistic wellness practitioner supporting executives in achieving supreme health so they may reduce stress, increase productivity and energy, be more focused and possess greater cognitive well-being, vitality, creativity, and strength that allows them to step into greater leadership roles.

Our greatest business asset is our health. Companies perform stronger with a healthy team. Executives achieve more for their businesses when they are functioning optimally. Lani Anderson offers wellness and leadership retreats for executives who strive to achieve excellence in all they do.

Expert Articles by Lani Anderson L.Ac.

Anxiety and Stress

Hidden stressors to be aware of to help you reduce anxiety and stress
Stress is one of the leading killers in the United States and given our fast paced lifestyle this is not likely to ever change. One area where stress impacts us is its affect on our blood sugar, which...

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