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The Emily Program Foundation is a non-profit organization that is on mission to save lives, change minds, and work to eliminate eating disorders. We envision a world without stigma and misconceptions about eating disorders and disordered eating. We will be the catalyst in shaping new, informed conversations through advocacy, social outreach, and collaborations with community partners. The Emily Program Foundation increases awareness and facilitates effective interventions for eating disorders, obesity, and body image problems. In addition, we believe that the more we talk, the more people will hear the life-threatening effects of eating disorders and the obstacles to recovery. We meet with policy makers in Washington D.C. and in Minnesota, sharing real-life stories of how eating disorders impact individuals, families, and communities. We also present at professional conferences across the US about our outreach and advocacy work.

Kitty Westin has been an advocate since her daughter, Anna, died of anorexia in 2000. She has spoken to millions of people about eating disorders through the media and personal appearances. She has been invited to share her story from Washington D.C. to Melbourne Australia. She is known for her advocacy work and has received numerous awards for her work.

Expert Articles by Kitty Westin, M.A., L.P.

Kids with Eating Disorders

Supporting your child with an eating disorder is vital to recovery
Education and understanding are keys that will help you prevent, and if necessary, effectively deal with disordered eating or an eating disorder. Your attitudes about health and wellness will impact y...

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