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Covestor is an online marketplace for investing. The company provides access to more than 100 investment portfolios, ranging from Exchange Traded Funds to hedge fund style models. We help our clients find emerging and established managers and replicate the trades these managers are making for themselves automatically. Clients' assets remain in their own brokerage account. They can view what stocks they hold and change their investment selections online, anytime.

Kimberly Clouse is Covestor’s Advisory Board Chair and Chief Client Advocate. She partners with families, family offices, and foundations to help them navigate investment advice and make more informed decisions. A seasoned financial services executive, Kimberly has led and grown wealth management firms, and her clients greatly benefit from her direct knowledge of different wealth management business models. Kimberly is an Independent Director of Market Street Trust Company as well as an Independent Director of a private trust company. Kimberly was named one of Boston Business Journal's ''40 Under 40 Rising Stars'', a 2013 Boston area “Five Star Wealth Manager” and a “Top 10 Investment Advisor” by Boston Women’s Business. Kimberly earned her MBA from Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration and graduated summa cum laude from Rice University.

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