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Contact me for: A child development program I have that will let parents know if their child is on target for his/her milestones within fifteen minutes. It represents ages birth to seven. There are activities to increase your child’s sounds, language, movement and social interaction.

Kathryn Thorson Gruhn has a Masters Degree and the Clinical Certification from the American Speech and Hearing Association in Speech-Language Pathology. Her thirty five years of experience took place in many different school and health care settings. Working with parents in making them more aware of their child’s strengths besides their weaknesses is her passion. She is speaking and appearing on television nationally as the Positive Parenting Expert. My Baby Compass is the child development program that she has written and she is partnering with Dr. Sturner from Johns Hopkins Pediatric Hospital to make it available to pediatricians internationally.

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Kids with Speech Challenges

Help your child with speech and language skills for academic success
The first seven years of your child’s life is when he will learn 90% of his speech and language skills. This is the time that a parent can assess and enhance their child’s speech. Educational acti...

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