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Katherine Carol has over three decades of experience working with people with disabilities as a special educator, supported employment program director and organizational/management consultant facilitating national systems change projects. Known for her creativity and innovative strategies, she has worked with community rehabilitation providers across the country to improve management practices, expand community based services and facilitate parental outreach and involvement.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Katherine currently serves as Chairperson of the Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council, Member of the Colorado Governor’s Community Living Advisory Group, Board Member for the Washington (state) Initiative on Supported Employment, was the founding chairperson of Denver Options, now known as Rocky Mountain Human Services, served on the national APSE-The Employment Network Board of Directors, and most importantly, as the parent of two children, one of whom has special needs.

Together, Katherine’s daughter, Mikelle Learned, who experiences cerebral palsy, have helped pioneer inclusive educational practices in the Denver Public Schools, where Mikelle graduated Outstanding Senior and now owns her own home and business.

Katherine has authored/co-authored three books, she blogs, write articles and publishes on the topics of personal development, publishing and community building.

You can see Katherine and Mikelle’s latest creation on their website: www.TheShiningBeautifulSeries.com and follow Katherine on Facebook/KatherineCarol and on Twitter@KatherineCarol.

Right now, in these fast changing times, Katherine’s new passion in the field is creating 21st Century rehabilitation solutions.

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