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Raynor & Associates is a world renowned immigration law firm representing international celebrities filing for visas or permanent residence in the U.S. Kate L. Raynor has dedicated herself to the practice of US immigration law. She graduated in the top 4% of her undergraduate class at UCLA and top 10% of her class from University of California, Hastings College of Law. Hollywood’s A-list and celebrities from around the world turn to Raynor & Associates for their expertise in this field. We primarily service the motion picture and television industry, but we also have expertise in cases for models, professional athletes, and music industry professionals. We have a 99% success rate with O-1 Visas. We pride ourselves in having established a reputation of excellence in the entertainment industry for any immigration related issues.

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Immigration Law

How to successfully obtain an Extraordinary Ability Green Card

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Immigration Law

Applying for a US Green Card based on marriage to US citizen?
Applying for US citizenship?
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) document checklist
Lista de comprobación de documentos Acción Diferida para los Llegados en la Infancia (DACA)
DREAMers sample cover letter for DACA applications
Steps DREAMers should take to apply for DACA
Pasos que los DREAMers deben seguir para la solicitud de la Acción Diferida para los Llegados en la Infancia (DACA)
How to successfully obtain an Extraordinary Ability Green Card
Choosing the right immigration attorney for your case is critical
Canadian and Mexican professionals can work in US with a TN visa
Work with your employer in getting an H-1B work visa approved
Eligible immigrants can have their deportation process terminated
Advice on how to prepare and pass the US Citizenship Interview
Provisional unlawful presence waiver can reunite immigrant relatives
How to apply for the provisional unlawful presence waiver
Applying for Green Card or US citizenship with a criminal record
Expert advice on securing green cards for professors and scientists
Use an experienced attorney to claim asylum in the United States
How to replace a lost, stolen, or expired US green card

Employment Law

Whistleblowers need to prepare when exposing employer wrongdoing
Expert advice on receiving disability benefits due to drug addiction
Expert advice for what to do when your disability claim is denied
Know how to file a disability claim and get the benefits you deserve
Expert advice on the suing for breach of a contract
Advice for securing disability benefits due to severe depression
Successfully obtain disability benefits from the effects a stroke
Expert advice when you are terminated due to age discrimination
Advice for securing disability benefits due to a concussion
Advice when resigning and you have an active non-compete agreement
A healthy, happy holiday includes disability insurance
Navigating your workplace dress code and appearance policy
Review your non-compete agreement when you quit and get a new job

Adoption and Foster Care

Providing optimal integration for a newly adopted older child
Preparation and communication are vital for a successful adoption
Navigating the wonderful and overwhelming journey of adoption
Ease the transition to adoption and minimize the stressful journey
Supporting your adopted children as they try to fit in at school
Help your adopted kids by understanding the challenges they face
Embrace discussion about birth parents with your adopted kids
Adoptees can utilize the Internet to safely connect with family
Build resilience strategies with your adoptive or foster family
Parents can create long-term connections within blended families
Expert advice for making the adoption process smooth and enjoyable
Adoptive parents must recognize and manage post-adoption depression
Advice on socialization for internationally adopted children
White parents raising adopted children of color must grasp racism
Preparation is key when welcoming a foster child into your home
What every adoptive parent should know about search and reunion
How can foster/adoptive parents meet the needs of traumatized kids?
The sequential path from childhood to mature adulthood
Bringing home your newly adopted child: Managing the transition
Adoptive parenting: Building bonds of strong, healthy attachment
What you need to know about adoption searches and social networking
What adoptive parents need to know about financing your adoption
Helping adopted and foster children navigate their early trauma
Building healthy attachment with adopted children is crucial
Help adopted kids understand their birth heritage via open dialogue
Expert advice for making first contact with birth family members
Strengthen your adoptive family by building trust and connections
Keep foster children safe from the dangers of sexting
Seek advice and professional help when adopting a child
Hire an attorney when adopting to protect you and the child
Expert advice on breastfeeding your baby by adoption or surrogacy
Strengthen the health and behavior of adopted children via feeding

Job Search With a Recruiter

Get your resume noticed by an agency recruiter
Be successful in your job search - use a recruitment agency
Impactful, distinct and concise cover letters get job interviews
Work with the job recruiter from interview to salary negotiation
Working with a job recruitment agency can help you find a new job
Expert advice on working with a recruiter to help you find a job
Be professional when responding to a cold call from a job recruiter
Using a recruiter can help you achieve the next level in your career
Do not lose a vital contact when turning down a job from a recruiter
Find a recruiting firm that will meet your job search needs

Managing Your Career as an Employee

Receiving a bad performance review
How to ask for a promotion
Know how to manage up
Succeed in your first 30 days at the new job
How to overcome job and career burnout and be excited about work
Survive the office holiday party and protect your career
Dealing with a bad boss
Help for adults in the workforce thinking about going back to college
Control your anger and other negative emotions in the workplace
Deal with the office bully to create a positive work environment
To confront the office bully effectively be diplomatic at work
Learn to job hop successfully to help you reach your career goals
Make the most of a performance evaluation to help you succeed at work
Take charge of your career and achieve your full potential
Self motivation is the path to career success
Leave your job on good terms when you quit or resign
Expert advice for creating a professional image in the workplace
Expert advice for giving a bad performance review to a good employee
Make the most of an internship to get the full-time job you want
Keep your job and get ahead by staying relevant to your company
Advice for job hopping to higher salary and more responsibility
Perform a once-a-year career check-in to help reassess your goals
Manage your professional development for career success
How to be confident and successful in making sales cold calls
How salespeople can overcome the fear and rejection of cold calling
Build your professional brand to be successful in the workplace
Women: Stand out and be successful in the tech field and business
How to say no to your boss without the risk of losing your job
How to successfully apply for a new job in your current company
Follow these rules of behavior and etiquette at the office party
What to do immediately after you are laid off from your job
React to workplace bullies with knowledge, confidence and control
A career coach helps you search for and land the perfect job

Undergraduate Programs

How to successfully live at home while attending college
International student adjusting to life at a US college
Is college really worth it?
How to be successful in an online classroom
Visiting college campuses during the summer
How to network in an online class
Balance life and work while getting an education online
Advice for those going to a community college
Write a great college admissions essay that will get you noticed
Be successful with these SAT reading comprehension strategies
Approaching the college search and admissions process with ease
Learn how to effectively memorize study material for school
Advice for a freshman preparing for college life on campus
How to answer the ‘Tell me about yourself’ interview question

Graduate Programs

Be the applicant business schools want to admit
Is an MBA worth it?
Study tips for the GRE
Do you need an MBA?
How to get a 10 or better on the MCAT Verbal Section
Read before applying to an MFA program in creative writing
Steps to finding the graduate school that’s right for you
Things to consider before writing a memoir
Advice for international student adjusting to a U.S. graduate school
Neuro-Linguistic Programming will help improve your writing skills
Advice for successfully completing graduate school applications
How to study and score high on the GMAT for an MBA program

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