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Kailen Rosenberg has always had “it.” Some call it intuition. Others call it a sixth sense. Clients celebrate it as a gift.

As a Certified Master Life, Love and Relationship Coach, Kailen Rosenberg is widely recognized for her skills as an elite professional matchmaker and leading authority on loving and living well. Often called The Love Guru, The Love Whisperer, and recently named by Oprah Winfrey as “A True Love Ambassador,” Kailen has made love her business. She does not believe in quick fixes, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. She understands people’s hopes, dreams, and struggles in life and love, and guides them to make real, lasting connections.

After a decade as a print and broadcast model, Kailen launched a self-image consultancy focused on guiding people to discover their inner beauty and innate ability to find happiness and love. Her business became the foundation for The Love Architects, an elite matchmaking firm that redesigns clients’ love lives from the inside out.

Kailen is known for her compassion for those searching for love, and the national media frequently call on her insight. In addition to her starring role in Lovetown, USA on OWN and BBC Worldwide, she’s been featured as a professional matchmaker in more than 100 print, online, radio, and television interviews includingCosmopolitan, Marie Claire, CBS Radio, Public Radio East, The Huffington Post, TODAY, Good Morning America, Daytime and CNN.

Kailen and her husband have been together for 16 years and share three wonderful sons. They all live happily in Minnesota, close to the corporate office of The Love Architects

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