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Jon Frank is one of the world’s leading experts on college, master’s, and MBA admissions. Having founded Admissionado in 2007, Jon has led his team of experts to help applicants submit over 12,000 applications to leading universities globally and travels the world sharing his unparalleled admissions knowledge with aspiring students. Jon’s clients have been accepted at Harvard Business School, Yale University, Princeton University, among others. Jon and Admissionado have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, US World and News Report, and Businessweek.

Jon Frank graduated from Brown University cum laude, and received his MBA from Harvard Business School in 2005.

Expert Articles by Jon Frank

Graduate Programs

Be the applicant business schools want to admit
Sometimes it feels like getting into business school is harder than surviving it. And with the competition out there, that’s probably true. But if you know what you’re doing - and now you do - you...
Is an MBA worth it?
When deciding whether to obtain an MBA, there are many factors to consider, including whether you really need one; what the best reasons are to go; and, of course, where you should attend given the op...
Do you need an MBA?
Well there you have it - a crash course in “do I need an MBA?” So, do you? And are you ready to put in the hard work? Trust me, if an MBA will help you get ahead in your life and career, it is mor...

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