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Contact me for: The only job-matching app that offers a video resume feature in addition to a candidate profile and traditional resume attachment.

21 years recruitment and assessment experience, president and managing partner of ACareerJob and Theonera Inc., Human Resource professional association member.

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Finding a New Job

How to succeed in a phone screen or phone interview for a new job
The phone interview is critical to employment success. Be prepared, be yourself, and have a one on one conversation....
Do not be afraid to cold call the company where you want to work
Being proactive and contacting a company out of the blue can be your best career move ever, if done right. Follow this advice and it could help you get the job of your dreams....
Applying for an overseas job requires preparation and diligence
Overseas work is a great way to see the world and expand your resume. Don’t be unprepared and realize that you need to be at the top of your game so that the employer knows you are the one for the j...
Boost your resume and job search with an authentic video resume
Video resumes are the new way to find a career. Without one, you will be left behind in the competitive job hunting market. Keep this advice in mind, and good luck in your job search....
Expert advice on how to best prepare for the interview
Successful interviewing takes practice and research. It is good to be confident in yourself and past work experience, but be sure to not overextend yourself. Keep it professional. Practice with a frie...
Advice on changing careers and finding a more satisfying job
When making a career change, do it for the right reasons. There is no sense in changing to a job you won’t like when your goal is to find a job where you will be happy. Do your research before quitt...
Advice to help those over 50 in their job search
Experience is a very attractive selling point for people over 50, so promote your life experience as you look for work. Don’t get too creative with your resume and definitely don’t embellish your ...

Job Search With a Recruiter

Expert advice on working with a recruiter to help you find a job
The most important thing to keep in mind is that job recruitment agencies are paid by the companies to find people like you to hire. With this in mind, a job recruiter’s sole job is to match compani...
Be professional when responding to a cold call from a job recruiter
Recruiters are just trying to do their job in helping you get interviews and advance your career. So when they call, be professional and if you are too busy to answer the call, then all you have to do...
Using a recruiter can help you achieve the next level in your career
Recruiters have the inside track on career openings. It is important to tap into their knowledge base to advance your career. Be honest, have patience, and know that the recruiter is there to help you...
Do not lose a vital contact when turning down a job from a recruiter
Burning the bridge between you and your recruiter is never a good idea. And there is nothing wrong with turning down an offer, but you should be sure that you explain your situation so that they will ...

Managing Your Career as an Employee

Advice for job hopping to higher salary and more responsibility
Job hopping is a very useful and rewarding career move if done properly. Keep in mind this advice as you are considering whether or not you start applying for other jobs. ...

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