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Contact me for: Specialties: Trauma, PTSD, Parenting, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety or Fears, Learning Disabilities, Behavioral Issues, Addiction, Relationships, Family Conflict, Divorce, Loss or Grief, Marital, Mood Disorders, Coping Skills, Self Esteem, Anger Management

The Portrait Health Centers’ clinical psychologist integrates evidence-based, goal-oriented treatments, and ongoing assessments to address the full range of psychiatric issues. Newer treatments—including non-invasive neurostimulatory therapies, and treatments for sequential cognitive processing, motor planning, and sensory processing—are among the treatments available at Portrait Health Centers. Effective, evidence-based, quality treatment has no secrets or mysteries.

My passion and drive is in the area of health and wellness, believing that the education piece is critical in helping individuals navigate through the complexities that life brings their way. I may come into one's life in the midst of some psychological distress; however, helping them gain insight and personal healing is a challenge I have come to relish. I have lived my adult life with intentionality to being a role model and conduit to helping others reach their full potential, in body, mind and spirit.

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Urgent Mental Issues

Help your friend who is having major depression and suicidal thoughts
We want to think that those whom we love and care about will lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. When we are faced with the reality that someone close to us is in pain, unable to function, losin...

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