Joanne S Caye

  • Clinical Associate Professor
  • School of Social Work, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Chapel Hill, North Carolina   

919-815-1006 or 919-962-3598

Contact me for: teaching and presenting on social work practice, communication, managing the effects of disasters.

MSW, 1982, UNC Chapel Hill
Doctoral Candidate in Education, North Carolina State University
Social worker for local and state agencies for 20 years
Taught in the School of Social Work for 20 years, currently a Clinical Assistant Professor
Taught internationally in Lithuania and Israel
Co-authored the Book: When Their World Falls Apart: Helping Families and Children Manage the Effects of Disasters. 2nd Ed (2010) Rosenfeld, L.B., Caye, J.S., Lahad, M., and Gurwitch, R. Washington, DC: NASW Press

Teach an online course about Managing the effects of disasters at UNC.

Expert Articles by Joanne S Caye

Tackling Family Problems and Conflict

Supporting kids through the healing process after a disaster
As a parent, remember that you know your child better than anyone else. Therefore, if a disaster occurs, you will already have a good sense of how to speak to your child and how to help him or her und...

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