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Contact me for: Information and questions on helping animals in need, animal shelters, resources for pets (mostly dogs and cats) so they need not be euthanized when shelters are overflowing, or when animals have an emotional, medical, or behavioral need that cannot be addressed there, surrendering an animal in the event you're losing your home, are too sick, or are otherwise unable to care for your animal, being a foster pet-parent or adopting a pet.

jme has a varied background of skills and experience from owning and operating her own boutique in her early 20’s, to starting her own clothing line and working as a welder, both as a job and as an artist. She has always been of an independent and entrepreneurial nature, creative and courageous. She believes that there are always possibilities, where others see obstacles.

jme fell into animal rescue when she adopted a dog that was not well socialized with other dogs. She felt this was a true handicap to her dog, and wanted to “figure out” how to fix this- fostering was the answer. Although at the time, jme knew very little about dogs, she found she had a natural way with them. Since then she has seen over 850 foster animals through her doors!

jme co-founded and has run Motley Zoo Animal Rescue full-time, unpaid since inception, and is currently working to open a physical facility, deemed a “pet-centric community center”.

She lives in Redmond, WA with her husband, four rat terriers and bengal cat- and a variety of other foster animals at any given time.

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