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Jennifer Glass is the CEO at Credit Cards, NJ, a growing independent sales organization in the merchant services industry. She is also the Co-founder of The Local Business Market, a company that provides local marketing and advertising needs. Ms. Glass has counseled hundreds of organizations in ways to reduce the fees they incur to process their credit cards. She has worked in various roles within the industry, including sales and marketing, recruitment and training and management. Ms. Glass has been and still is responsible for engaging new merchants from across the US and Canada all forms of electronic payments, including credit card processing. Prior to working in the merchant services industry, she has been a fundraiser for several non-profit organizations and causes and continues to work with many non-profits on ways to increase their donors and dollars raised.

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Business Operations

Right credit card merchant provider will improve your bottom line
By partnering with the right merchant services provider, you’re not only going to ensure your own company’s bottom line, you’re going to get a partner who believes in your business and is willin...

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