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Jay’s love for helping other’s was what drew him to the industry 16 years ago. Committed to making a positive impact, Jay attended Vidal Sassoon in Santa Monica, CA and became a hairdresser. A salon owner for the last 12 years, Jay has not only been able to touch those who sit in his chair, but his staff as well, with his love for helping others to achieve their personal goals.

When Jay found Eufora, he knew he was home. His greatest desire as an educator is to give back what has been passed on to him by helping others achieve greatness through positive encouragement and superior education. More than anything, Jay hopes to leave salon professionals with inspiration and a vision of a prosperous career.

Expert Articles by Jay Fata

Hair Loss and Baldness

Men: Achieve healthier hair and prevent hair loss
Whether you have a short buzz-cut or long locks, caring for your scalp and hair should always be a top priority when trying to achieve healthier hair. The first step is ensuring there are no damage-ca...

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