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Janine Darling is an Operations and Branding expert, specializing in Digital Asset Management (DAM). Amongst other notable recognitions, She is a winner of the British Airways Business Face of Opportunity Award, is featured in the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs, and has served as a Board Director and Marketing Chairperson for the YWCA. She is the Founder and CEO of StashDaddy, the completely private and anonymous personal information storage & protection site for consumers only, and also is the owner of business consultancy, Spin: The BUSINESS of Brands, providing strategies for connecting the back end of business to the front end, ensuring that companies of all genres are prepared to deliver what they promise.

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Identity theft victims must protect themselves from further damage
Identity theft can be a very challenging experience. But you can and will get through it. Stay calm and write everything down because your brain will be going a mile a minute. Include easy to forget i...

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