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Contact me for: Proprietary assessments and a consultative approach to help maximize your child's potential both at school and at home.

As a mom and a learning and behavior specialist, I have found that there is a distinct need for a positive approach to understanding and honoring the individuality of each child. As a society, we have created a specific version of what success looks like at each stage of development, with a tendency to overlook the uniqueness of each child. As parents, it is our privilege and our duty to raise our children to feel good about who they are and to help them to be their very best selves. In order to do that, we need to truly tune in to who they are at their core; what drives them, what triggers them, and how they think and learn. Having this deeper understanding is not to enable, but to maximize teaching moments and use proven strategies to gift our children with confidence and coping skills to chart a course for optimal development. As someone with a traditional background, I wanted this progressive approach to learning and development to be based in science. Here's how it came to be ....

My Background: I have an undergraduate degree in Developmental Psychology from Duke University, studying children from birth through 18 years. After teaching Kindergarten and working at Scholastic in children's book publishing in NYC, I attended Harvard University and designed a Masters degree in Cognition and Education. I went on to write many personality tests for websites, and then started a private practice I called Learning Matters. I worked with children with learning and emotional challenges to modify and personalize their academic information for their unique learning style. Which leads me to now ...

Now: I have developed a company, Insinger Insights, which is a marriage of my experience, education and passion. I use validated proprietary assessments and a consultative approach to help maximize each child's potential. This system accurately identifies the "why" behind each child's behavior, from what motivates him, to how he communicates best, to how he learns. I coach parents on how to best set their child up for success. The comprehensive process includes the whole family, so the results are personalized to that individual child's needs, and tailored to the family dynamic. This stress-free and "aha-full" program will leave you equipped with strategies and tools to implement once the results are explained. Add-on strategy/coaching sessions are optional if you, or your child, want to continue working together. In addition to working with families, I offer workshops for parents, teachers, couples and professional development training using these specific techniques, strategies and tools. I'm also very thankful to be the in-house parenting expert for Channel 2 and FOX News Colorado, a contributing writer for Colorado Parent magazine, and have partnered with Princeton Review Colorado to help them individualize their standardized testing formulas for increased success.

I absolutely love what I do and am grateful for the opportunity to positively impact the lives of children and their families. Everyone can benefit. There does not have to be a problem to see great results. Every family can proactively work on helping each member be his "best self," and to create a more connected and personally supportive learning environment for your child to truly thrive.

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