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Howard S. Dvorkin is the founder of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services. He is dedicated to public outreach initiatives and has contributed his time, knowledge and resources to educating consumers about personal finance. He has helped thousands of individuals face and conquer devastating financial hardships and avoid personal bankruptcy.

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Expert Articles by Howard S. Dvorkin, CPA

Credit and Debt Management

How to rebuild your credit after clearing up debt problems
Avoiding holiday debt

Retirement Planning

Gen Y workers must start saving and investing early for retirement

Expert Articles Sponsored by Howard S. Dvorkin, CPA

Credit and Debt Management

How to rebuild your credit after clearing up debt problems
How to pay down credit card debt on your own
Avoiding holiday debt
Stay out of debt and within your budget when shopping for the holidays
Get a credit card with low interest rate and great rewards program
Avoid late fees and lower interest charges with debt consolidation
Choose the right debt consolidation company to help pay down your debt
Teach your college student financial responsibility with a credit card
Avoid bankruptcy, take control of your debt, and repair your finances
How to stop harassing phone calls from debt collectors
Be financially responsible with your credit card while in college
Credit counseling can reduce monthly payments and pay off debt
Understand debt settlement to help deal with your debt problem
Choose a trusted debt settlement company to help resolve your debt
Expert advice on how to deal with a debt collector
How to negotiate outstanding debt with a credit card company
The importance of debt: Is there such a thing as healthy debt?
How to improve your credit score and ensure financial health
Everything you need to know about credit reports and credit scores
How to recognize and avoid a personal financial disaster
How and why your should improve your credit score
How to negotiate a lower interest rate on your credit cards
Lower your credit card interest rate with a phone call
How to pay off credit card, student loan, and home mortgage debt
Teach your teen about money and good credit card habits
How to pay off large credit card debt on multiple credit accounts

Caring for Aging Parents

Advice for elderly families in transition
Help your elderly parent maintain independence with good communication
Get help caring for an elderly parent with this expert advice
Get long-term care that is the right fit for your elderly parent
Discussing difficult life issues with aging family members
Managing the stress often associated with family caregiving
Minimize the holiday blues for seniors suffering from depression
Talk openly by starting a care conversation with aging parents
Preserve the dignity of your elderly parents by caring for their needs
Navigating the challenges of becoming a caregiver to aging parents
Advice for seniors moving to a smaller home or retirement community
Advice for managing the depression of your aging loved ones
How to best approach your parent on moving into a nursing home
How to find a good home care agency and stay in your home
Loved ones can help seniors though the progression of Alzheimer's
How to ensure the safety of your aging parents behind the wheel
Maximize rewards and minimize stress when caring for aging parents
How to help and support your aging parents as they grow older
Advice on what to do when an aging loved one wants to hasten death
Pay careful attention to your elderly parent's hospitalization
Adult children can help their aging parents manage hearing loss

Families in Divorce

Teenagers: You can get through your parents' divorce
Creating a safe, open space is key to talking to kids about divorce
Single moms have healthy social lives by managing kids' expectations
Sensitivity is vital when talking to toddlers about divorce
Ease the transition for kids between two homes after divorce
Help your kids by moving on after divorce and reclaim your life
Managing the effects of divorce on kids with and without disabilities
Expert advice for protecting your children during and after divorce
What to do when your teenager wants to move in with your ex-spouse
Navigating divorce while raising a child with special needs
Ensure a happy and healthy future for kids by divorcing with dignity
Make your divorce easier on kids by divorcing only your spouse

Wills and Estates

Helping you through probate
Things to consider with a power of attorney
What’s the difference between a will and a living trust?
Should I leave assets outright or in a trust?
Evaluate elder’s competency to protect their health and finances
A revocable living trust will protect your assets and avoid probate
Create a postnuptial agreement to protect your financial future
Create a written will to protect loved ones and give you peace of mind
Expert advice on deciding if a prenup is right for you
Ensure your pets are taken care of in your estate plan and will
A will helps control the distribution of your estate after death
Newlyweds should prepare a will and discuss estate planning
How to correctly modify your will after having a child

Surviving Divorce

Have a healthy and successful pregnancy while getting a divorce
Successfully move on and start over after the divorce is final
Take the right steps to help yourself and reduce stress during divorce
Move beyond dependence-like behaviours to help heal from heartbreak
Expert advice when your spouse surprises you with divorce
Rebuild your self-confidence and self-worth after divorce
Divorcing your sugar daddy: a zero-calorie drama-free action plan
Get a divorce coach to help and support you in your divorce
You win when you remain civil with your ex during the divorce
What to do if you disagree when dividing assets during a divorce
Advice and help when your husband has cheated on you
Keep a level head and productive dialogue with your soon to be ex
My way or the highway is a road to nowhere in divorce
Stand your ground and get what you want out of the divorce
Life after divorce: How to rebuild your self-esteem and confidence
How to survive divorce and still get what you and your family need
Women in divorce need to understand division of marital assets
How to make a trial separation work and not always end in divorce
Reduce the stress of divorce by being cooperative and rational


Gain control of your money
How to create a household budget
Financial planning 101 for empty nesters
Cure the holiday debt hangover with a headache-free financial plan
Teach your children rich habits to be financially successful in life
Navigating online shopping during the holiday season
Recommended New Year resolutions for your personal finances
When paying your bills, decide which debt is best to pay first
Save money in a rainy day fund for life's unexpected emergencies
Save money and spend wisely—become a millionaire by living frugally
Prepare a budget and then use online tools to manage your money
Make small changes in spending and reduce costs to boost savings
How to teach your children financial responsibility
Financial planning for the first time investor
How to respond when a friend asks for money or a loan
Advice for those investing in the stock market for the first time
Teach your kids about money and how to budget, spend, and save
Saving for a rainy day fund is easy with this advice
How to talk to your children and grandchildren about finances
A financial planner can help you reach your investment goals
Owning gold or a gold IRA can be a great long-term investment
Educate teens on the importance creating and following a budget
Spend your money wisely while on vacation and stay on budget
How to stay on a strict budget and be happy at the same time
How to save money and take a vacation without going into debt
What is diversification and a diversified investment portfolio?
How to best invest inheritance money or other financial windfall
Give kids an allowance to learn about money and how to budget
How you can plan and budget to save money on your summer vacation

Home Mortgages

Guide for first time homebuyers on securing a mortgage
How to get a mortgage to buy or refinance your home
Guide to obtaining a mortgage in the new lending world
Secure a mortgage and proper financing for your vacation property
Successfully secure a loan for your home renovation project
A reverse mortgage is a great way for homeowners to convert equity
Choose between a 5/1 ARM or 30 year fixed rate mortgage
Which loan is best for you? A jumbo or conventional mortgage
Expert advice on buying or not buying points for a home mortgage
Expert advice on securing the best rate for your home mortgage
Rebuild your credit and secure a mortgage after a short sale
Veterans should use the VA Loan Program when buying a house
Determine how much you can afford to borrow for a home mortgage
Advice for successfully securing a home mortgage when self employed
How to successfully get a mortgage for your investment property
Learn when to lock your fixed rate loan to get the best rate
How to get a mortgage for a home with less than 20% down payment


Be prepared for when you get audited by the IRS
Expert advice on dealing with the IRS on back taxes and collections
Protect against an IRS audit when you file small-business taxes
Hire a trustworthy and qualified certified public accountant (CPA)
Advice on hiring the right tax attorney to help you fight an IRS audit
How to make sure your tax returns are never audited by the IRS
Should you have a professional tax preparer do your personal taxes?
Advice for filing taxes on your own for the first time
What can independent contractors do to help reduce their tax bill?
Small businesses can cut taxes by donating excess inventory
Tax advisers do taxes and can help improve your financial health
Advice for a sole proprietor business owner facing an IRS audit
What to do when you do not have enough money to pay your taxes
Small business owners: do a mid-year review of taxes and finances
Maximize tax deductions and credits on your tax return this year

Financing Education

The EFC and how it affects your financial aid
Apply for scholarships the right way to get more money for college
Teach your college student how to budget for financial independence
How to save money for college and retirement at the same time
College students: manage your spending to help you save money
Make the most of federal student loans to pay for college
Should you use student loans to pay for your college education?
A 529 plan for your child is a smart way to save money for college
Work hard and budget for your college tuition and other expenses

Education Loans

Avoiding the horror stories of student loan debt
Parents: Caution when cosigning for child’s college student loan
Consolidating your student loans is the best option to repay them
Advice for when you are not able to pay your student loan payments
How to have a life after college and repay your student loans
Money lessons every college grad should know

Money and Health Care

Do not let large medical bills weigh you down
Read the small print when signing medical financial consent forms
Protect yourself and your budget when signing online medical financial consent forms
Understanding your medical bills can protect your financial health
How to negotiate and manage large medical bills and billing errors

Estate Planning

Planning your funeral service in advance gives you peace of mind
Advice for selecting the right estate planner for your situation
Having a baby? Create an estate plan to protect your family
Create a well-designed estate plan for you and your family
A well-rounded estate plan will help protect your family
Receive an inheritance recently? Here is expert financial advice
No family to pass your assets to? Advice for creating an estate plan
Plan your funeral service and ensure your wishes are fulfilled
Choose the right casket for your loved one when planning the funeral
Advice for choosing a qualified estate planner
Save your family the time and stress of probate with your estate
Create an estate plan that works for you and your beneficiaries
Financial steps you must take immediately on the death of a spouse
A new baby is good reason to review and update your estate plan
What every young mom needs to know about wills and estate planning
Married couples should consider individual wills vs a joint will


How to protect the deceased estate from identity theft and fraud
Protect your kids from becoming a victim of identity theft
Identity theft victims must protect themselves from further damage
Avoid being victimized by a data breach and protect your identity
How to protect yourself from identity theft and fraud
Advice on choosing a bank for your checking and savings account
Invest through your bank's FDIC-insured Money Market account
How to choose and make the most of your rewards credit card
What to do if your wallet is lost, stolen, or missing
A donor advised fund (DAF) is a great way to give to charity
How to minimize bank fees on your checking account and bank cards
Know when to shred or keep bank documents and other information

Retirement Planning

Gen Y workers must start saving and investing early for retirement
Have the money you need for retirement with lifetime income annuity
Expert advice on choosing lifetime income annuity program
Take control of your future with a self-directed retirement plan
Know how to financially plan for retirement so you can retire on time
Understand net unrealized appreciation for your 401K
How to benefit from rolling over your 401(k) to an IRA
Expert advice on retirement planning for small business owners
Planning for health care costs is vital to successful retirement
Key considerations in saving for a confident retirement
Save for retirement the moment you land your first job after college
Guarantee income in your retirement with fixed indexed annuities (FIA)
Young people: take a new investing approach to retirement planning
Plan for retirement and get the most out of Social Security benefits
Understand the differences between deferred and immediate annuities
Gain control of your financial health for retirement with a budget
Start planning for retirement as soon as you get your first job
Advice on how to reduce the fees on your 401K retirement account
Expert advice on planning your retirement together
When to collect social security benefits in retirement
Make the most of your money and minimize taxes in retirement
Retiring overseas is possible with careful financial planning
How to make sure your retirement savings lasts the rest of your life
Advice for when you lose your job and forced into early retirement
Create financial security and well-being for your entire family
Ensure steady retirement income with a low-risk annuity investment

Death of a Spouse

Advice for surviving the death of a spouse or partner at a young age
Learn to accept and embrace the death of a loved one
Advice on helping a loved one through the first year of grieving
The death of a spouse: Rebuilding your life after the first year
Live, love and laugh again after the loss of a loved one
Take care of yourself emotionally after a loved one dies

Business Law

Protect yourself and your business from a wrongful termination suit
How employers can get H-1B work visas for foreign employees
Maintain I-9 compliance and hire legal workers for your business
Protect your business: Train personnel on completing form I-9
Trademark attorney can help protect your company logo, name and slogan
Advice for businesses on what to do when sued for sexual harassment
Obtain an L1A visa when opening new offices in the United States
Advice on protecting your business' brand using trademarks
How employers should handle complaints about overtime pay
How to correctly suspend or fire an employee with an H1B visa
Protect your ideas by obtaining a patent for your invention
Businesses: Recover claims within antitrust class action settlements

Business Operations

How to get the most from your local printer and print shop
Business owners should buy business property insurance
Great customer service helps your medical practice thrive
Right credit card merchant provider will improve your bottom line
Minimize disruptions in your business by planning for a disaster
How to send email that meets HIPAA compliance standards
Ensure your business gets off on the right foot for the New Year
Use special events to raise money for your non-profit organization
Improve your businesses by speeding up payment to your suppliers
E-commerce retailers: comply with online sales tax requirements

Starting a Business

Successfully starting your business takes preparation and persistence
Successfully start a home business with this expert advice
Create a successful and impactful brand for your new business venture
How to turn around a business that is not succeeding
Advice for small business owners on successfully starting a business
How to decide on key man insurance and protect your business
How to start turning a failing small business into a successful one
Business growth depends on positive and memorable customer experiences
Grow your business while keeping operation costs under control
How to make sure your small business is a huge success
Businesses need to create a global mindset to be successful overseas
Balance work and life while running a successful small business
Set clear goals for your small business to be successful
Leasing commercial office space for a business requires planning
How to be prepared when starting a business and you are over 50
Location, location, location: Ensure the success of your business
You can successfully leave retirement and launch a start-up
Advice for going into and starting a business with your family
You must be creative and functional when branding a new business

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