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Dr. Herb Ross is the founder of the Aspen Sleep Institute, and the author of Sleep Disorders, Volumes 1 and 2. whose purpose was to train his clients to have a good night’s sleep every night without the use of drugs. There was an issue that his team encountered primarily in his male patients –waking up frequently to use the bathroom.

Dr. Ross’ desire was to find a natural way to deal with this destroyer of sleep. His research soon led him to discover the Kegel Exercises; these exercises were designed to restore the pelvic floor muscles.
Many men don’t realize that they have the same pelvic floor muscles as women, and that these muscles are responsible for:
· Frequent Urination (BPH)
· Penis Dribble
· Erectile Dysfunction
Soon, Dr. Ross decided to create a mobile app called Prostate Aerobics (www.prostateaerobics.com), which trains men in contracting and releasing their pelvic floor muscles to tone and strengthen them to support and restore prostate function.

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Prostate Aerobics
Prostate Aerobics - Dr. Herb Ross
Kegel Aerobics
Kegel Aerobics - Dr. Herb Ross

Prostate Aerobics
Prostate Aerobics - Dr. Herb Ross
Kegel Aerobics
Kegel Aerobics - Dr. Herb Ross

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