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My name is Helene L. Taylor and it is my mission to make divorces easier, marriages stronger, and lives happier.

I am an attorney licensed in California and Hawaii. This is my twentieth year in practice. I also am divorced and have been in the dating world for the last fifteen years. I’ve tried a myriad of channels for meeting eligible men and I have seen and heard enough to fill a book on dating in this very modern world. The stories I could tell you! I contribute to ExpertBeacon with the hopes that you can learn from my personal and professional experience and make the most of yours.

I am a member of the State Bar of California and the Hawaii State Bar Association. I am also a mediator for the Sonoma Superior Court No-Fee Mediation panel, and an instructor for the San Francisco Community Boards’ mediators. I served as a bar exam grader on the State Bar of California Committee of Bar Examiners for a number of years.

You can find me on online or in person at one of my luxurious divorce retreats or in my suite, which is located in Mill Valley, Marin County, California. I would love to connect with you and invite you to contact me. Warmest wishes to you on your dating adventures.

Expert Articles by Helene L Taylor, Esq.

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Dating with children after divorce can be challenging for a myriad of reasons. And if you and your date have vastly different parenting styles it can be impossible. So in your quest for new love maint...

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