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Contact me for: alternaVites is a full spectrum multivitamin and ,mineral developed for adults and kids who have difficulty swallowing pills or those that prefer not to. Designed to be sprinkled on the tongue (think pixie stick), where it melts in your mouth, it can also be mixed into or onto the beverage or snack of your choice making it extremely versatile!

Hallie Rich is the third generation in her family to be involved in the vitamin industry. She worked side by side with both her father and grandmother at Evergood Products Corp, her family’s business, whose subsidiaries were responsible for the manufacturing and marketing of more than 1,000 nutritional supplement products sold at stores nationwide including Wal-Mart, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe and Great Earth. Starting out on the manufacturing floor, then moving on to a series of positions including product development, research & development, marketing, advertising, and strategic analysis, Hallie rose through the ranks to become a senior executive at the Company.

During this time it was a closely kept secret that Hallie, despite being integrally involved in the supplement industry, never took any vitamins herself because she has difficulty swallowing pills. Following the death of her father, Hallie went out on her own and founded Rich Vitamins LLC to meet the needs of people like herself looking for nutritional products that are easy to swallow. Hallie introduced alternaVites in 2009 and in the process, redefined how people can take their daily vitamins.

Hallie received her BA with honors from the University of Michigan. She is the co-founder of Rich in Love, a charity that raises money for cancer research & prevention programs. To date, this charity has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. Similarly, a portion of each sale of alternaVites will be donated to cancer charities, as this cause continues to be close to Hallie’s heart.

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