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Greg Macpherson is Chief Executive Officer of MitoQ Ltd. He completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy at University of Otago School of Medicine in 1992. Subsequently he has been owner and director of a number of start up businesses that include New Zealand’s largest residential care services pharmacy, NZ’s first robotic dispensing laboratory, a pharmaceutical wholesaling company and a software development company. He has been a partner and board member of a pharmacy chain associated with one of NZ’s leading retailers. Currently he is a majority shareholder and director of NZ’s leading online pharmacy and is CEO at MitoQ Ltd.

Expert Articles by Greg Macpherson

Healthy Immune System

Protect your mitochondria to help boost your immune system
Mitochondria, also known as your cellular batteries, are tiny organelles in every single one of our cells. Mitochondria take the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe and convert to an energy source f...

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