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As a global professional, Gabriella is blessed with a unique, multi-national perspective. She is an author (With All My Might), as well as a professional speaker, working to spread the message that we are all unique individuals and each of us has something to offer the person next to us. Bullying and cyber-bullying have reached an all-time high across the globe. If we don’t do something to fix the problem, we will adversely affect all future generations.

Gabriella’s belief is that change starts with one voice. She is that voice for being ready, empowered, and inspired to replace bullying of all kinds with human kindness.. Her goal is to teach everyone that it is OK NOT to belong. Until we learn to respect ourselves, we cannot expect that others will give us the same respect that we refuse to give ourselves.Having been raised in a multi-cultural home, it wasn’t until Gabriella learned that her outward differences were not her defining characteristics that she was able to accept and respect herself. She has worked with children, and adults in all walks of life. Gabriella teaches others to stop apologizing for
who they are and start living life to its fullest potential.

Gabriella’s journey of self-acceptance enabled her to pick up the ball of Human Kindness and pass it along to the person beside her.It all starts with one voice, but from one we can become many. Sharing and teaching is what Gabriella does.
All of humanity is who she will reach.

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