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Ernie Vecchio, author, psychologist, and speaker is bringing groundbreaking insights to the public about a new wisdom on human suffering. He states: “I want to lift this elusive veil that hides our potential, personal truth, and share a definition of compassion that holds the guarantee of spiritual integrity.” All of the insights in Ernie’s writings span three decades and were gained while assisting thousands of individuals undergoing severe trauma and extreme adversity. He has helped countless individuals find balance between their outside reality and inner personal truths by developing a psychospiritual understanding of that which divides us all: self-judgment. Those willing to explore and heal this division internally discover a broader and more compassionate view of the self. The result is forgiveness and a personal freedom to simply BE. He practices in West Virginia and consults nationally and internationally.

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Raising Gifted Kids

Parents can encourage and shape their gifted, compassionate children
Essentially, compassionate children are less fearful of their feelings. In fact, they have a closer relationship with feelings than most individuals. Fear is first and foremost the most important emot...

Being a Better Parent

Everyone can play a parenting role to help teens stay connected
Apathy is a common problem in young people today. It is more than a lack of motivation. Apathy is lacking a reasonable goal or worse, being focused on the wrong goal. Parenting our young people (and t...

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