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Contact me for: Self-defense classes for schools, places of worship, camps, after-school programs, , grade school, middle school and high school Physical Education classes

Why should you listen to us? Because we’ve taught thousands of people over the course of thousands of hours. We’ve been on television for decades reaching millions of viewers, including shows like Oprah, Dateline NBC, 48 Hours and even sitcoms. You should check out the great parody of our class on an episode of King of the Hill called “Bobby Goes Nuts.” (Find this on YouTube.) There’s hardly anything we haven’t encountered when it comes to students. We’ve taught people with cerebral palsy, folks who can’t see or hear, who use wheelchairs or have debilitating physical conditions, and people suffering with post-traumatic stress from violent incidents in their past. We’ve taught thousands of women, hundreds of men and thousands of high school age girls in Southern California, where many of our success stories take place. The location doesn’t matter, though; our students could use what they’ve learned anywhere in the world, and you can too.

Ellen Snortland is a journalist, inactive lawyer and human rights activist, author of Beauty Bites Beast and her TEDx Pasadena talk is here: http://tinyurl.com/tedx-ellen

Lisa Gaeta has her degree in Public Administration and founded IMPACT Personal Safety and has trained dozens of instructors domestically and internationally in addition to the thousands of students she’s inspired in her classes.

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