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Dr. Elisa Robyn has a diverse academic and professional background. She has a Masters degree in Geology from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and spent six years working for a major oil company as an exploration/well-site geologist. She returned to school earned a PhD in Educational Psychology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Dr Robyn is currently an Associate Professor and Assistant Dean at Regis University in School for Humanities and Social Sciences. Prior to that she spent four years as the Dean of Arts and Sciences at the Community College of Denver, and she was the Associate Dean of Liberal Studies at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. She teaches a variety of courses ranging including environmental psychology, life span development, psychology leadership and psychology of religion. Elisa has also just completed a second masters degree in Jewish Studies. She integrates these experiences into her work with students, helping them find creative solutions to personal and professional challenges. Elisa has also completed one novel (The way of the Well) and one leadership book (Pirate Wisdom: organizational savvy) and several articles.

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Teacher and Classroom Resources

Dos and Don'ts of grading discussion boards
The online discussion boards allow students to have deep discussions around the course content. This is a wonderful tool that also builds a sense of community in the class. We need to use it carefully...
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Bloom's Taxonomy

Undergraduate Programs

How to be successful in an online classroom
Online courses have made education accessible to more people. It is not unusual to find students from around the world in a discussion site. The courses are challenging, but students can be successful...

Managing Your Career as an Employee

Help for adults in the workforce thinking about going back to college
Returning to school can be a daunting experience. The first challenge is finding the right school and working towards the right degree. The best path is to clarify personal goals, make sure that the d...

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