Eileen Loeb

  • ACE-certified trainer and M.S.W.
  • BodySmart Personal Training
  • New York, NY   
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Contact me for: Help in toning up, trimming down, improving your health, and guiding you to a successful, rewarding relationship with exercise—no matter what health challenges or limitations you may face. Rooted in exercise science, our proven programs help clients transcend pain to move toward a place of strength, power, and ease.

Eileen Loeb is a fitness expert and recognized leader with over 20+ years experience in the science and art of exercise.

As the Founder & Director of BodySmart, she oversees a team of professional, certified trainers, working with the company's clients in their homes & offices in New York City.

A former professional dancer, Eileen has her personal training certification from American Council on Exercise, a Pilates Equipment Certification of 500+ hours, and a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from NYU. She and her team of trainers love helping clients unlock their movement potential, leaving injury and pain far behind.

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