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Contact me for: Braces, Invisalign, orthognathic surgery and cleft palate care for infants, children and adults.

Dr. Dustin Burleson is a speaker, teacher, author and orthodontic specialist. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Dentistry, the Attending Orthodontist at the Children's Mercy Hospital and Director of the Leo H. Rheam Foundation for Cleft and Craniofacial Orthodontics.

Author of "Stop Hiding Your Smile! A Parent's Guide to Confidently Choosing an Orthodontist," Dr. Burleson mentors not only patients and their parents but also orthodontic specialists from all over North America. In his private coaching groups, Dr. Burleson lectures and teaches his orthodontic peers how to create patient-centered practices focused on changing lives and supporting the community. Through his efforts, hundreds of orthodontists across the nation have committed to providing orthodontic care to children who desperately need but cannot afford orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Burleson is the nation's largest provider of free orthodontic treatment to children in need and is the president and founder of Burleson Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry, a large multi-doctor, multi-clinic specialty practice in Kansas City, Missouri where he resides with his wife and three children.

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Orthodontic Treatment

Clear aligners like Invisalign are great for straightening your teeth
Getting braces to straighten your child’s teeth requires early preparation

Dental Hygiene

Take care of your braces to save money and avoid problems later

Expert Articles Sponsored by Dustin S. Burleson, DDS

Raising Healthy and Happy Kids

Helping kids feel comfortable and safe in the water is key
Optimizing brain enrichment through positive digital screen time
De-stressing doctor visits fosters a lifetime of health for kids
Being proactive can help emotionally traumatized kids to heal
Proper nutrition can improve kids' learning and behavior problems
Help guide your child’s path to effectively coping with anxiety
Establishing safe, fun and productive bath time for children
Jumpstart your family’s day with a positive morning routine
Parents should influence their children to eat healthy and exercise
Finding a happy medium when enrolling kids in afterschool activities
Advice for raising emotionally happy and healthy twins and triplets
Creating healthy and happy mealtimes for children and parents
Helping the entire family achieve a stress-free holiday season
How you can boost your children’s self-worth and self-esteem
How can parents raise happy children with balanced priorities?
Family meals foster healthy eating habits and close connections
Advice for motivating your kids and supporting their successes
Parents can help kids make a difference in the lives of others
Help your children develop confidence and a healthy body image
Teach your anxious child better ways to cope and manage behaviors
Helping girls love their bodies and cultivate healthy self-esteem
How can parents help their children minimize unnecessary stress?
Parents can teach children to recognize and label their emotions
Expert advice for parents trying to raise emotionally-healthy twins
How can you raise body-confident kids in an image-obsessed society?
Expert advice on raising honest children
Broaden your child's diet and establish healthy eating behaviors
Organize playdates for kids who struggle with social interactions

Caring for Teens and Adults with Disabilities

Teens with special needs must prep for transition to adulthood
Achieving inclusion for college students with special needs
Caring for an aging sibling with disabilities entails teamwork
Negotiating adulthood as a teen or young adult with disabilities
Tailoring sex education to teens and adults on the autism spectrum
Supporting postsecondary success for teens with learning differences
Students with disabilities must plan for postsecondary education
Building connections and community for teens with disabilities
Recreation can help teens with needs transition to community life
Helping teens with autism spectrum disorder prepare for college
Teach kids with social learning challenges to become independent
Preparing teens with special needs and learning issues for college
Making college a reality for youth with intellectual disabilities
Sexuality education is vital for teens with intellectual disabilities
How can individuals with disabilities seek and pursue employment?
Help teens on the autism spectrum to navigate social relations
Person-directed planning can empower individuals with autism
Explore postsecondary options for students with learning differences
How can parents help youth with special needs to become adults?

Children's Health

You can survive the NICU
Acupressure is a wonderful, gentle remedy for your child’s ailments
Teach your children about healthy nutrition and wise choices
An acupuncturist can help treat your child's health conditions
Ensure the top level of care for your baby’s eye health
Parents guide on how to prevent hearing loss in your children
Maintain your child’s vision and eye health to optimize learning
Prevent childhood obesity by making healthier food choices
Battle obesity in children by fostering an active family lifestyle
Encourage mental health in children with a psychological evaluation
Protect your baby during the winter: Know the facts about RSV
Cord blood banking can help your children stay healthy
Getting your child interested in sports will help prevent obesity
Know the warnings signs and symptoms of depression in your child
Cooking healthy foods for picky eaters to help them eat healthier
Be proactive when getting your child treatment for scoliosis
Why rewarding children with sugar or treats is a big mistake
What you should do if you suspect your child has ADHD

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic and dermal fillers create younger looking skin without surgery
Choose the right injectable facial rejuvenation treatment for you
Feel younger, build confidence and look sexier with mommy makeover
Collagen injections and dermal fillers help smooth out wrinkles
Rhinoplasty or nose job can improve your facial appearance
Breast implants or augmentation can restore a youthful contour
Liposuction is an excellent way to contour areas of unwanted fat
When getting plastic surgery, go with a board certified surgeon
Make an informed decision before undergoing breast implant surgery
Obtain balance, contour, and dimension by getting facelift surgery
A breast lift can enhance your overall appearance and youthful contour
Advice for men on getting calf augmentation (implants)
Male breast reduction can give you a natural looking chest
Short scar facelift and neck lift surgery helps you look younger
Get upper and lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) and look younger
Revision rhinoplasty improves the look of your original procedure
Choose the right surgeon for your liposuction procedure

Being a Better Parent

Mom-trepreneupship: how to be successful as a mother and a mogul
Empowered mothers can help raise happy and healthy children
Empowering mothers: The National Motherhood Decisions Survey
Striving to be a better parent means being a better human
Helping families manage stress throughout the holiday season
Being playful and bonding with kids through inventive games
Parental behavior can stimulate brain and body chemistry in kids
Creating enjoyable indoor movement games for your entire family
Parenting strategies to discipline kids and help them thrive
Expert advice for being the father you always dreamed of being
Prepare for and manage the challenges of parenting a preemie
Achieving successful work-life balance is possible for parents
Making the journey of fatherhood rewarding for dads and kids
Run your family like a business to improve parental effectiveness
Teaching girls the importance of learning to accept compliments
Educate your kids about the value of saving money and budgeting
Enhance your family connections by adding the joy of laughter
Fathers have the power to influence the lives of their daughters
Teaching responsibility to children means holding them accountable
Teaching dads how to build emotional safety within their families
Nurturing yourself leads to nurturing the development of your kids
Getting organized can improve family order, calm and relationships
Mindful parenting: cultivate greater awareness, presence and joy
How can parents help their children enhance motivation and focus?
Teach gratitude to your children through everyday interactions
Moms must let go of the supermom mentality and embrace each day
Help your kids make a positive difference through volunteering
Prepare daughters to live happy, fulfilled lives through empowerment
Advice for parents striving to raise strong, confident daughters
Everyone can play a parenting role to help teens stay connected

Raising Teens

Help your teenager cope with their anger management problem
Viewing your teen as a developing adult can improve your relationship
Raising preteens and laying a positive foundation for the future
Support your teen's academic success and healthy development
Helping your teen navigate the college admissions process
Independent college consultants can help teens apply to college
Teach your teenager how to avoid substance abuse
Keep your teenage driver safe behind the wheel and on the road
Learn the facts on teen driving safety
Raise a respectful, polite teen by setting appropriate boundaries
Supporting your teenage daughter through the dating experience
Improve your teen parenting by understanding the teenage years
How do I relate to and communicate with my teenager?
Help and protect your teen who practices self-injury and cutting
Are there any signs of abuse in your teenager's relationship?
Effectively communicate with your teenager about substance abuse
What's the best way for parents to discuss sexuality with boys?
Teen sexting: What all parents need to know
Managing the difficult issue of drug and alcohol use in teenagers
Help teens build resiliency, improve coping skills and ease stress
Managing the difficult issue of drug and alcohol use in your teen
Parenting your rebellious teen and encouraging healthy independence
Get a plan and the tools to communicate with your college freshman
Teach your teens to recognize the dangers of distracted driving
How can you help your child sustain long-term addiction recovery?
How should you talk to your teenage daughter about dating violence?
Parents must create an addiction prevention family plan for teens
How should parents talk with their teenagers about substance use?
Support teens in making good choices regarding drugs and alcohol
Help your teenagers leave home with resilience and perseverance
Parents can lead teens to a connected life free from addiction
Expert advice on communicating with your teenagers about drug abuse

Dental Procedures

Advice on how dental surgery can help you
Dental implants are an effective way to replace missing teeth
Dental implants as the best option for teeth replacement
Denture treatment is a simple way to restore missing teeth and chewing function
Denture treatment to replace missing teeth is cost effective
Porcelain veneers can really enhance the appearance of your smile
TMJ surgery can relieve joint pain and fully restore jaw function
Dental crowns can help restore broken, weak, and diseased teeth
Dental bridges are a good option for the replacement of missing teeth
Teeth sealants can prevent cavities and make cleaning more effective
Dentures can help replace missing teeth and improve oral health
Sedation dentistry for children: What parents should know and expect
Anti-aging dentistry can keep your face looking young and balanced
Sedation dentistry reduces fear and anxiety when going to a dentist
A root canal can relieve tooth pain and save your natural smile
Baby teeth: Wait for them to fall out naturally or get them pulled?
Choose a cosmetic dentist with experience to rejuvenate your smile
What you need to know about veneers beforehand
Dental laser technology improves recovery time for procedures
What to do when your child is tongue tied and needs a frenectomy
Decision time on your wisdom teeth: To pull or not to pull
Fix the gap in your teeth with dental crowns or bridges

Dental Problems

What to do if you have a toothache
Take steps to reduce pain when your child loses their baby teeth
Relieve your sensitive teeth and protect against further tooth pain
Expert advice to help you cure dry mouth (Xerostomia)
Maintain healthy gums to prevent gum disease and other oral conditions
Save your child's tooth when it gets chipped or knocked out
Prevent periodontal disease with basic everyday oral hygiene
What to do when you have bleeding gums to ensure your oral health
Stop the pain from bleeding gums and consult with a dentist
The causes of bad breath (halitosis) and how to treat it
Use these practical techniques to overcome your fear of the dentist
What to do when you lose an adult tooth
Pain-free dentistry can help you get over your fear of the dentist
Gum disease can suprisingly trigger serious health problems
Modern technology helps to reduce the fear of going to the dentist
Save your natural teeth when you have gum disease

Dental Hygiene

How to find a good dentist
Advice on keeping clean and healthy teeth without dental insurance
Teeth brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash prevents cavities
Expert advice for the dental health and hygiene of your younger child
Prevent cavities in your child for a healthy smile later in life
Expert advice for the oral hygiene of your 0-18 month old child
Learn how to prevent cavities and ensure the best dental health
Enjoy sugary snacks while protecting your teeth from cavities
Teeth whitening is easy with at home teeth bleaching products
Take care of your braces to save money and avoid problems later
Preparing for a child’s first dental visit leads to peace and ease
Dental myths exposed: Maintaining oral hygiene and a healthy smile
Oil pulling with coconut oil reduces gum disease and bad breath
How to teach your child to brush their teeth correctly for life
How you care for your teeth can prevent wrinkles and aging signs
Gum disease can have a huge impact on your overall health
Protect your teeth with proper preventative care and hygiene
How to get your child to brush their teeth from an early age
How to care for the teeth of your child to ensure a healthy smile

Orthodontic Treatment

Advice for parents when your child need braces
Braces and orthodontic treatments are easy and cost effective
Types of orthodontic appliances for a beautiful, straight smile
Clear aligners like Invisalign are great for straightening your teeth
Getting braces to straighten your child’s teeth requires early preparation
Invisible braces are a great option for obtaining a beautiful smile
Orthodontic headgear is old news - opt for hidden braces instead
How to floss with braces to help keep your teeth clean
Getting braces? Select an orthodontist that is well-qualified

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