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Duff is Managing Director of ExecSearch International- Australia.
He has conducted searches, from senior management up to Board level, across Australia, New Zealand, US, UK and Brazil.

He has 25+ years’ experience in coaching and leadership development programs (eg, Predicting Performance of People©, Enhanced Performance©, Succeed Before You Start: the 100 Day Action Plan for New Leaders©) for executives to accelerate their productivity on-the-job, in real-time.

Previous Experience
Prior to establishing ExecSearch International- Australia, Duff was a Partner in two international executive search groups.

What The Customers Say:
“Having engaged Dr Duff Watkins for a senior placement, as well as being a candidate/placement, I have witnessed the great benefits that Dr Duff's process provides both parties. Truly a remarkable operator with incredible expertise and an innate ability to relate and engage with leaders at all levels of a business.”

Additional Activities:
He is a Governor of the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia, former President of the Yale Club of Australia, and former Director Asia/Pacific of the Cornerstone International Group.

His written articles appear regularly in the press.
He has given over 1,000 paid public presentations and has appeared on numerous radio and televisions programmes.
He hosts the business podcasts of the American Chamber of Commerce.

Brasil Website: http://www.ideea.com.br

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