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Dr. Frisch is Palm Beach Animal Hospital’s President and co-owner. He is the in-house animal behavior coach, trainer and animal nutritionist.

As a graduate of Harvard University, Dr. Frisch’s PhD research focus was on medical informatics, business and cognitive information system development.

Dr. Frisch has continued his studies (Post-Doctoral studies) at Harvard and numerous national and international continuing education.

I welcome the opportunity to work with dogs from puppyhood to adulthood. I work with behavior issues such as separation anxiety, fear-based aggression, resource guarding, etc. I provide private consultations and group lessons. All training is based on praise and positive methods. Building a trusting relationship with your dog is essential and that is the foundation of training. Dr. Frisch only uses positive methods using humane techniques.

Dr. Frisch is married with three young children and has multiple hobbies. He is an international breeder of German Shepherds, and competitive training.

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