Douglas P Guilbert

  • President of Consultative Insurance Services, Inc.
  • North Smithfield, Rhode Island    

(401) 484-0411

From an early age, I entered the insurance claims industry as I have great compassion for people. I was selected to handle all the worker’s compensation claims as a result of 9/11 from one of the largest affected businesses in Tower 2. I volunteered and was selected to be part of an emergency catastrophic claims unit that was based in during 9/11 immediately following the event to help families locate their loved ones and obtain critical information. Subsequent to handling those claims for over a year, I was promoted to be one of the youngest management professionals in the claims organization. Following leaving the claims arena, I wanted an additional challenge in my life and chose sales where I met or exceeded all sales quotas that were set for me.

In my current role, I recruit, select, train and develop sales representatives in selling insurance. I manage the district sales office to support day-to-day sales operations and the processing of new business.

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