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Contact me for: Serving Southeastern Michigan for 170 years, St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center (SVSF) provides free, personalized, one-on-one tutoring in Metro Detroit to help bridge the educational gap for children (Grades 1 – 5) and adults (18+) who are attempting to obtain their GED. For more information, please call (313) 535-9200.

Diane Renaud, executive director/CEO of Detroit’s St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center passionately leads the Center to help remove barriers to education. Education fosters a reduction of dependence and encourages a self-sufficient community. For nearly 170 years SVSF Center has been helping thousands of at-risk children and adults; providing educational services designed to help them academically to become economically self-sufficient.

Through Renaud’s dynamic leadership, the Center has grown (additional campuses and capacity) while maintaining its excellent first-time GED pass rate of 90 percent. The Children’s Program includes free, personalized tutoring for first through fifth grade students. The Adult Program prepares adults to pass the GED, with exceptionally high first-time pass rates, through services that do not exist with other tutoring programs.

St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center (SVSF) is one of Michigan’s oldest continuously operating organizations, with a long legacy of service to children and families, dating back to 1844 when the organization opened as a kindergarten for orphaned children in Detroit. The secret to its longevity is evolving its services as the needs of the community change, but has always stayed true to its mission of helping children and families in need. In Metropolitan Detroit, there is a significant need to help bridge the educational gap for both children and adults, furthering the efforts to reinvent Detroit.

In 2011, the Center underwent a transformation, bringing its educational programs and messages further into the community and creating a unique educational support system and services to help keep the momentum going for the students. In creating a fully integrated social work approach to education, the Center celebrates each student and provides the capacity to break down the barriers that have prevented them from achieving their full potential. SVSF is here to help children and adults take control of their lives and empower them to see the possibilities for their future. The Children's Program offers both after-school and summer programs (grades 1- 5) free, personalized tutoring to prevent children from falling behind and being pigeon-holed later on in life. The free Adult Program offers unique assistance that is not found in other GED programs and our first-time pass rates are exceptional.

St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center is helping students and families to obtain their education, become employable and changing the dynamic of Metro Detroit – one student at a time.

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