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Contact me for: The Continuity And Recovery Management Associates is a specialized Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery consultancy with a unique focus on human resiliency. Our mission is to prepare your organization to Manage The Effect of any disruption. We accomplish this via our distinctive approach of preparing your employees both at work AND at home! Contact me to help ensure your business is recoverable, and your family and your clients are prepared BEFORE the next unexpected crisis.

Deseré Cardona, is CARMA's founder and Chief Executive Officer. Deseré is a Master Business Continuity Planner (MBCP) and a veteran in the industry with over twenty years' experience. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, and Barclay's Capital on a global basis. Her expertise includes Project Management, Crisis Management, Awareness Training, and Client/Vendor Relationship Management. She is a Commissioner on the board of the Disaster Recovery Institute (DRII). She is a also a member of (CERT) Community Emergency Response Team. Her personal goal is to ensure that everyone becomes better prepared.

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