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Denis G. Kelly, CIE, is the nation’s leading identity theft and fraud prevention expert. He is a best-selling author (The Official Identity Theft Prevention Handbook), consultant to Congress and founder of numerous identity theft education and prevention initiatives. Due to his unmatched understanding and insight into the murky world of identity theft and his ability to effectively engage and communicate with audiences of all types, Mr. Kelly is regularly featured in the national/international media and as a key note speaker at industry events.

Expert Articles by Denis G. Kelly, CIE


Protect your kids from becoming a victim of identity theft
Child identity theft is an enormous black market business, and it is rapidly growing. It is an unfortunate byproduct of the electronic age. The good news is that by practicing the advice contained in ...
Avoid being victimized by a data breach and protect your identity
Everyone reading this article has been subjected to a data breach – it is a new reality of the electronic age. It similar to driving a car: at some point an inconsiderate driver will cut you off. Yo...

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