Deborah Hamui

Contact me for: Bullying, dealing with anger-explosions, dealing with frustration and anger, flexibility issues, test taking strategies, reading comprehensions and communication skills, and other challenges.

Founder and CEO of Sleep'n Sync.

Deborah Hamui is focused in helping children live happier lives while they achieve their goals effectively.

Since high school, Deborah was fascinated with neuroscience, however math, her other passion, dominated her career by taking her into the depths of chemical engineering, and the world of finance.

Deborah has a BS in Chemical engineering and an MBA with concentration in Finance, her finance experience includes consulting at Booz Allen, investment banking at Aguilar, Portilla y Asociados, commercial banking at BANORTE, and derivatives trading at MexinDer.

It was not until her children were born that she immersed herself into children's growth, especially the amazing world of brain development: How neurons make connections to form a complicated network that allows the child to function, learn, think, and experience life.

Learning about the effectiveness and speed of self-hypnosis to achieve goals, and knowing that it is not easy to get a child to do self-hypnosis every day, she thought of the possibility of giving the necessary positive suggestions to a child's subconscious mind during sleep every day for several weeks.

Through this idea, Sleep'n Sync was created, after proving her method with diverse children and measuring results, she focused in helping more children by making her audios available to be used as an easy, fast, and affordable self-therapy.

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