Dr. David Rosen

  • President and Anesthesiologist
  • Midwest Anesthesia Partners
  • Chicago, IL   


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Dr. David Rosen is a board certified anesthesiologist with nearly two decades residency experience specializing in obstetric, trauma, orthopedics, and regional blocks. Seeing a rise in costs for medical specialists and the growing need for independent physicians to provide services—from basic to complex—themselves, Dr. Rosen helped found the Midwest Anesthesia Partners to benefit not only physicians but hospitals and patients as well.

Dr. Rosen has served as the President of Midwest Anesthesia Partners since its inception and official launch on January 1, 2013 with Lake County Anesthesia and Park Ridge Anesthesiology Associates joining forces. That Fall, Northwest Community Hospital joined. The business continues to expand with another practice joining this Spring and more in the works. He’s a great healthcare and medical practice resource as well.

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