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David Geslak began teaching exercise to children/adults with autism in 2004. Back then, exercise wasn’t listed as a form of treatment, which only further inspired Dave to change this paradigm. As he witnessed both physical and emotional breakthroughs, Dave made it his mission to reach more children, adults and families. Dave soon began creating functional exercise resources, DVD’s, books and the Visual Exercise System to enable other professionals. This success did not go unnoticed. He has trained staff across the world (Egypt, Dubai & Barbados) and continues to lecture at national autism and disability conferences. In 2012, The Autism Channel offered Dave a TV show, enabling Dave to continue to reach both a national and international audience. Coach Dave has become widely recognized for his affection to the community his dynamic presentations and for pioneering of structured visual exercise programs. The autism and special needs community has enthusiastically embraced Dave’s message and is especially encouraged by his results.

David had a bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion from the University of Iowa, is a NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and ACSM - Health Fitness Specialist. He is a former Fitness Coordinator for Giant Steps (a school for children with autism in Illinois), prior to that role, he worked there as a paraprofessional with children from 5 - 22 yrs old

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