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Contact me for: Clinically proven, FDA-cleared medical devices to treat tinnitus. The Sanctuary provides situational relief for those suffering from mild to moderate tinnitus. The patented and clinically proven Oasis, working the Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment, provides long-term significant relief for those with severe tinnitus.

Curtis Amann joined Neuromonics in 2007. Serving initially as a territory sales manager and director of sales, he was named vice president in 2012. Before his work with Neuromonics, he held the position of territory manager for ArthroCcare ENT (Austin, Texas), working with surgical instruments for ear, nose and throat surgeons. He has been a sales specialist for Tyco Healthcare/Kendall (New Orleans), working with vascular therapy products.

Amann also has held the positions of assistant director of corporate sales and athletic director of marketing at Tulane University, and account development manager with MCI Communications in New Orleans.

He holds Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts degrees from Tulane University.

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