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Over his career as a psychologist, Craig has helped thousands of struggling learners through assessment, consultation, therapy, and advocacy. He believes in describing learners in terms of strengths and weaknesses, not just with labels and diagnoses. He also strives to communicate findings and strategy ideas as clearly as possible, sometimes using visuals and metaphors.

Craig has been the CEO of Southeast Psych since 2013 and the leader of Mind Matters at Southeast Psych since 2009. Mind Matters is a learning success program that offers assessment, tutoring, coaching, advocacy, and professional development. He went to Brown University as an undergraduate, concentrating in developmental psychology. He earned his doctorate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in the school psychology program. In between undergrad and grad school he taught science and physical education to elementary and middle schoolers in New York City.

Craig has written three books about supporting learners. How Can My Kid Succeed in School? guides parents and educators through the process of understanding and helping students with learning challenges. Revealing Minds is an innovative learning assessment resource for clinicians. He also co-authored Schools for All Kinds of Minds, for school leaders seeking to implement neurodevelopmental practices in classrooms. He also has created a video titled 'Mind Over Matters' that can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FU1y7Gthj9w

Craig lives with his wife and 3 sons in Charlotte, NC. He is a movie buff and basketball fan. He has coached his sons on dozens of basketball and soccer teams. He loves both Star Trek and Star Wars, and has a large collection of Yoda paraphernalia in his office.

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