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Big Sky Growth & Wellness was founded by Psychologist Dr. Cindy Merlo Fouhy (rhymes with “joy”.) Dr. Fouhy is a specialist in Integrated Wellness and Positive Psychology, a recent branch of psychology that seeks a scientific understanding and effective interventions to build thriving in individuals, families, and communities.

Her dissertation on “Spiritual Well-Being and Physical Activity: Their Influence on Self-Esteem and Life Satisfaction,” stands as an important contribution to the modern understanding of Body-Mind-Spirit wellness and demonstrates the dynamic multidirectional and multidimensional relationship between the three aspects of wellness and personal thriving. She has codified her research, teaching, and field experience into the groundbreaking Triple Wellness™ system, which offers small and mid-sized employers both affordable and effective evidence-based integrated wellness products and services. Dr. Fouhy teaches undergraduate and graduate level university courses in Stress Management, Wellness, Counseling, Research and Psychology. She also offers private stress management and wellness education services for individuals who are seeking to incorporate mental, physical and spiritual wellness concepts, to increase their level of thriving or to simply learn research based steps to enhance their stress management skills. Private sessions are provided through distant services, connecting with individuals regardless of location.

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