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Contact me for: I help gifted students develop to their true potential through one-on-one instruction and specialized strategies. I work with neurotypical gifted students every day. I also work with twice-exceptional gifted students where I offer educational therapy strategies to develop their executive function deficits. Gifted children can be prone to impulsiveness, disorganization, overexcitability, anxiety and perfectionism. I develop curriculum, program and strategies around the individual needs of each child who comes to see me. My work centers around developing relationships with each of my children to know how to lift them to their full potential.

Dr. Carol Strip Whitney is a gifted education specialist and founder of Gifted Services of Dublin, located just outside of Columbus, Ohio. Previously, she initiated and built the Dublin, Ohio gifted program to a staff of 12 teachers and also started the first Highly Gifted Magnet Program in the state of Ohio. She completed her PhD at The Ohio State University in Curriculum for addressing the social-emotional needs of gifted adolescents. Dr. Whitney was awarded Outstanding Educator of the Year in 1994, as presented by The Ohio Association for Gifted Children. Dr. Whitney has also taught graduate classes as adjunct professor at The Ohio State University in the areas of cognition, learning styles and creativity. Winner of Ashland’s Golden Apple Achiever Award, Dr Whitney has stayed in the limelight of gifted education by conducting conference and workshop presentations across the country. She was a keynote speaker in both California and Mississippi for state gifted conferences. She has spoken at the Ohio Association of Gifted Children State conference several times and she was also selected to work at Camp David with a nearby school district.
Dr. Whitney has been published in The Instructor, Roeper Review, Gifted Child and Teacher, and has been cited in numerous textbooks on gifted education. Dr. Whitney was quoted in a lead article for a special spot in Better Homes and Gardens. She was also chosen to produce an educational film with a noted pediatrician showing developmental levels of learning with a group of four gifted students. She and her students helped produce this first film in gifted education in Ohio entitled “The Gift.”
Dr. Whitney was chosen by the Ohio State Treasurer, Richard Cordray, to receive the first Personal Finance Literacy Award in the state. She was named Outstanding Mathematics Teacher for the state by the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Dr. Whitney was named Teacher of the Year in 2007 by her school’s teaching staff, and was also named State Teacher of the Year by the Ohio Association of Gifted Teachers. Carol has a love and passion for teaching.
Dr. Whitney has written three books on gifted education. Helping Gifted Children Soar came out in November of 2000 and, A Love for Learning: Motivation and the Gifted Child, was released in 2007 and has thus far won four major book awards., including the Legacy Award, presented in Dallas, Texas. The revision of Helping GIfted Children Soar came out in 2012. She has made several television appearances regarding her books and her radio talks have been heard in several states. Her talks center on helping gifted children become all that they can be through skillfully crafted motivation techniques designed to create autonomous learners for the rest of their lives.
Dr. Carol recently presented at the National Association for Gifted Children on the topic of Motivating to Enhance Executive Function in Gifted Children. She has given this presentation at The Ohio State University and other state gifted conferences.

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