Brigitte Kouba a.k.a Gigi Yogini


Contact me for: Yoga Teacher and Writer with a variety of free articles and videos available online.

Brigitte Kouba, M.A., also known as Gigi Yogini, inspires women of every age, shape and size to love their bodies. Listed as one of Origin Magazine’s “Most beautiful women portraying strength, passion and vision,” Gigi is a champion for healthy body image and is committed to practicing joy because practice makes permanent.

Expert Articles by Brigitte Kouba a.k.a Gigi Yogini

Raising Healthy and Happy Kids

Helping girls love their bodies and cultivate healthy self-esteem
Girls must stop viewing themselves as imperfect pieces, but rather as unique and a one-of-a-kind creations. They must be taught to practice self-acceptance in each moment, and to stop hating themselve...

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