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Contact me for: Becca Eisenberg is a speech language pathologist, author, instructor, and parent of two children, who began her website www.gravitybread to create a resource for parents to help make mealtime an enriched learning time. She discusses reading to your children during mealtime, sharing recipes with language tips and carryover activities, reviews educational apps and also discusses childrens books specifically for children with special needs. She will also be coming out with a children’s book Spring 2014 named “Monkey Balloon.” This book will be available through Amazon. Updates on her website will posted when the book is available.

Becca is also working on creating a unique cookbook to help combine her recipes with language tips and recommended childrens book. She is currently seeking a publisher.

Becca Eisenberg, MS, CCC-SLP, is a certified speech language pathologist who graduated with her Masters from Teachers College, Columbia University where she is now an instructor. She has been practicing speech and language pathology since 2001 and works with both children and adults with special needs. Rebecca has had a workbook and games published by Super Duper Publications. She is also certified in Hanen It Takes Two to Talk, PROMPT, and LSVT.

Her greatest accomplishment is taking care her two children who share her passion for food and childrens books. Becca began her website in order to help other parents learn to facilitate language during mealtime. It was also a wonderful way to combine her love for food and language.

Rebecca is a guest blogger for MommyBites and provides language tips and children’s book reviews for Parenting Special Needs Magazine.

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