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“This is the simple truth, You are Love.” Communicating this message is Amy Conway’s passion and guiding inspiration. A designer, artist, and poet, Amy Conway designs intricate sterling silver jewelry and colorful graphic scarves that reflect and communicate the power of love.

Incorporating words from her poems and images from her paintings, each piece is carefully crafted to communicate a meaningful message. “Be Free In Your Heart To Love Who You Are,” “Magic Happens In The Open Field Of Endless Possibilities,” and “Love Connects Us” are just a few of Amy’s words which are inscribed inside each piece. Amy’s collection reflects her appreciation for life and love and spreads a message that is very relevant in today's fast paced world.

Amy’s eclectic pieces embody her appreciation for life and love while uniting art, poetry, and design. The mixture of rich, exotic colors and patterns capture the natural beauty and spirit of the many countries she has visited. Her curiosity and love of adventure has led her through the teeming bazaars of Morocco and the opulent Rajas palaces in India to her exploration of art and costumes in Florence and beyond.

As part of her mission, Amy is paving a path that not only creates opportunities for those in need, but also opens the hearts of many. She created the Love Truly Matters Foundation in which a portion of the revenue generated from all sales is donated. The mission of the foundation is to support organizations that empower women and girls around the world."

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