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Adam Sheppard is Co-Founder and CEO of 8ninths, a Creative Digital Agency and Startup Incubator. Sheppard honed his chops as a creative technologist during his 12 year career at Microsoft where his lead role in the Branded Entertainment and Experiences team charged him with finding the ‘secret sauce’ that would blend a brand’s objectives with an innovative use of technology. At 8ninths Sheppard focuses on incubating, designing and discovering cutting-edge technologies for the most prominent marketers and advertisers in the world including clients ranging from NASA to Nestle.

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Sales and Marketing

Effectively market your company online to build your web presence

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Starting a Business

Successfully starting your business takes preparation and persistence
Successfully start a home business with this expert advice
Create a successful and impactful brand for your new business venture
How to turn around a business that is not succeeding
Advice for small business owners on successfully starting a business
How to decide on key man insurance and protect your business
How to start turning a failing small business into a successful one
Business growth depends on positive and memorable customer experiences
Grow your business while keeping operation costs under control
How to make sure your small business is a huge success
Businesses need to create a global mindset to be successful overseas
Balance work and life while running a successful small business
Set clear goals for your small business to be successful
Leasing commercial office space for a business requires planning
How to be prepared when starting a business and you are over 50
Location, location, location: Ensure the success of your business
You can successfully leave retirement and launch a start-up
Advice for going into and starting a business with your family
You must be creative and functional when branding a new business

Information Technology

Business owners - be prepared for disasters
Prepare your business for disaster using online technology
Protect your business and intellectual property from hackers
Protect your business with an electronic data management system
Use cloud computing to access more computing power and save money
How to approach data deletion in your records management policy
Improve communication between your IT and Legal departments
Protect yourself by preventing malware on your computer or tablet
Hire a professional content developer for your business websites
Responsive technology is a golden ticket for growing your sales
Keep personal phones, tablets and laptops secure in the workplace
How to choose the right cloud service for your business

Sales and Marketing

Increase the chance for success in your next email marketing campaign
Build a valuable following for your business on social media
Add value and impact your business' bottom line with social media
Create an authentic business brand and ensure product identity
Use online marketing tactics to boost your personal online presence
Successful marketing strategies for senior care service providers
Quick and easy marketing strategies for a small business
The perfect business website starts with the right creative agency
Build a unique and engaging personal brand using social media
How to handle bad customer reviews on your social media sites
Effectively market your company online to build your web presence
Strategic market segmentation for a more logical marketing plan
Use data analytics to help drive sales and marketing efforts
Investing in professional web design will help promote your business
How small businesses can get the most from an online advertising firm
Use social media to promote your business and generate revenues
How to create a successful direct response campaign for your product
Use Twitter to build trust and loyalty with customers and clients
Cost effective ways to promote your business online
Motivate your sales teams to excel and exceed sales targets
How to make a concise and effective business marketing plan
Use PR effectively to make your company or product become the news
Increase profits by adding mini-fundraisers to your special event
What is a hashtag and how to use it in marketing your business
Public relations can help you business thrive and succeed

Management and Leadership

Protect your heirs and the family business with a succession plan
Modern polling and analysis can help you grow your business
A technology partner on your company's board can ensure success
Select a reliable and trustworthy workforce solutions provider
Create an exceptional workforce to help your business thrive
How to create a team of leaders to help your business thrive
Being an effective leader starts with you and leading by example
For best results use technology to train your millennial workforce
Know how to conduct a video job interview when hiring employees
How to expand your business internationally and take it global
How to maintain peak performance when growing a small business
Business leaders: Improve employee morale, engagement and retention
Treating employees with respect will lead to higher productivity
How managers can help reduce workplace stress for their employees
How to effectively manage a difficult but valuable employee
Workforce management strategies to eliminate production bottlenecks
Prepare your employees on how to respond to sudden cardiac arrest
Advice for managers on how to successfully coach your employees
Advice for first time manager on how to be successful from day 1

Business Operations

How to get the most from your local printer and print shop
Business owners should buy business property insurance
Great customer service helps your medical practice thrive
Right credit card merchant provider will improve your bottom line
Minimize disruptions in your business by planning for a disaster
How to send email that meets HIPAA compliance standards
Ensure your business gets off on the right foot for the New Year
Use special events to raise money for your non-profit organization
Improve your businesses by speeding up payment to your suppliers
E-commerce retailers: comply with online sales tax requirements

Human Resources

How to choose voluntary insurance benefits for your employees
Implement an effective job training program so your employees thrive
Retain a recruiting firm to help you hire the right C-level executive
Expert advice for businesses to get more done with fewer employees
Avoid critical HR mistakes as a small business owner
Advice on creating a workplace appearance and dress code policy
Partner with a recruiting firm to find and hire the best employees
How to increase employee participation in your 401(k) plan
Advice on workplace drug policies in states where marijuana is legal
How to hire the best employees for your small business
How to decrease HR costs and increase benefits utilization
Understand the ACA "large employer" mandate for employee health care
How to reduce employee turnover and increase morale and productivity
Advice for improving your employee’s communication skills
When to use criminal records in background checks when hiring
Secrets to finding the perfect speaker for your conference or event
How to use social media to attract and hire the best job candidates
Help your employees save and prepare financially for retirement
Ensure your worker's compensation policies are up to date
How to avoid claims of discrimination when hiring employees


Choose a medical billing and collections agency right for your practice and patients
Ensure your medical practice complies with HIPPA data privacy
A happy medical team can supercharge your average patient experience
Identify situations that can minimize medical malpractice liability
Successfully replace your EHR technology with careful preparation
Hire engaging entertainers for senior care resident’s enjoyment
Prepare for the Affordable Care Act for healthcare marketing success
Achieve private company success in the oil and gas industry
Selecting the best mud logging services provider
Buy an established medical practice with this expert advice
How to manage and maintain the perfect baseball field
How to ensure your soccer field is always in the best condition
How to overcome 90 day ACA grace period payment delays
How to protect and maintain athletic fields in the heat of summer
Educate patients on their health plan deductibles for faster payment
How to best maintain football fields during and after the season
Gain better medical reimbursement with detailed documentation

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