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Contact me for: Please feel free to contact me for exercise, weight loss, emotional eating, and low carb nutritional advice. I also offer one on one phone/skype consultations and run a comprehensive weight loss club for anyone interested in permanent weight loss and improvements in their blood sugar (if needed). For consults, please see ultimateweightlossrx.com/diabetes-coaching. For the club, please check out ultimateweightlossrx.com/membership-options-page.

I am a fourth generation diabetic who accelerated his disease through excessive binge eating and weight gain. I grew up eating fast food at least 4 nights a week, was teased for being fat, and was in slow reading classes in elementary school and repeated Kindergarten thanks to dyslexia. I was even in the special needs PE classes until age 10. I was very popular!

By the sixth grade, I had overcome my dyslexia well enough to jump to all honors classes. However, my weight and inactivity remained. By age 18, I weighed 220 pounds at 5 feet, 6 inches. After my diabetes diagnoses in college, I learned to control my binge eating, and created a semi low-carb diet that now fully controls my diabetes without the need for medication, lowered my body fat to 8% where I see my abs year round, but still lets me eat dessert every week and enjoy other high carb favorites. I now teach diabetics and non-diabetics to do the same with or without following a low carb diet.

I documented the method to my madness in my book, The New Diabetes Prescription: The Diet, Exercise, and Mindset Revolution (on Amazon in paperback and Kindle and at Barnes and Noble). I really wish I could rewrite the title because the book can teach everyone, diabetic or not, how to balance whatever they want eat with burning off all their fat. My visible abs plus my weekly desserts and no hunger lifestyle are the proof.

I’ve also discussed these methods on television, online, and national radio. I can be heard every Friday at 2:30 pm PST on the Jiggy Jaguar radio show.

I hold a bachelor’s in mathematics from UC Berkeley where I made the Dean’s list in the fall of 2000. I live with my wife and son in San Diego, California.

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