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Contact me for: Aaron does in home outreaches all over the world, phone consultations and has an automated online course available on his website. For more information contact him at connectingwithautism@hotmail.com

I started working with children as a classroom teacher. I transitioned to working with children on the spectrum in 1999 as an in home ABA therapist, in 2002 I began training at the Autism Treatment Center of America. In 2007 I founded Connecting with Autism with the mission to teach parents how to cultivate social development using play. Over my career I have worked with roughly 700 families and logged over 6,000 hours of 1:1 play time with their children.

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Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Kids on the autism spectrum can improve social skills through play
Every child speaks the language of play. Kids know when you are playing to get something versus when you are playing to have fun. All parents have witnessed their child’s tenacity and persistence wh...

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