Graduate Programs

Graduate school can be one of the most stressful times in anyone's life. Our Graduate Programs section has all the advice you need when getting your MBA, MFA, law degree, and other types of masters and PHD programs whether at a campus based university or online. ExpertBeacon can help you as a student with study tips, how to manage your time, help you figure out which degree program is right for you, and also help you study for admission tests, like the GRE, MCAT, and LSAT when you do decide to go.

Advice for international student adjusting to a U.S. graduate school

Coming to the United States to study has become increasingly competitive for an international student with stricter visa regulations and application procedures. Nonetheless, U.S. universities remain a popular option for many. If you are among those foreign students who come to the U.S. for graduate school, the same wonderful opportunities of years past will be available to you for advanced study, cultural exploration, and building relationships with friends and colleagues.

Study tips for the GRE

The purpose of the GRE is to test whether or not you have gained intellectual maturity in your four years as an undergraduate. In my view, the GRE is less “tricky? than the SAT, but more “sophisticated.? You are tested on your ability to manipulate concepts and think for yourself in the GRE, whereas, in the SAT, you are tested on your ability to grind your way through the SAT. The GRE will give you an opportunity to reveal what you have to offer intellectually.

Do you need an MBA?

Remember that life lesson your parents taught you back when you were six? You know, the difference between “want? and “need?? Yeah, it’s a big one. Especially when it comes to a potential $300,000 investment for an MBA. So, do you need one, or do you just want one? Let’s find out before you dip into that savings, shall we?

Things to consider before writing a memoir

You may have a great personal story. It might have pain, struggle, drama, and triumph. Perhaps you overcame addiction, a horrific childhood, a particularly bad marriage or some debilitating illness, all themes of best selling memoirs. Before you sit at the computer and plunk out the next bestseller, you should really consider the costs, pitfalls, and pains of writing a memoir. Here are some things to keep in mind.

How to get a 10 or better on the MCAT Verbal Section

Scoring a 10 or better on the MCAT Verbal Section requires a different set of skills than most premed students have developed in their college years. But all of these skills can be mastered if approached in a rigorous and methodical way. Premed students can master these skills and score a 10 or better once they master the fundamentals of English grammar and composition.

Factors to consider before applying to an MFA program in creative writing

Earning an MFA in creative writing can be a singularly impacting experience in a writer’s life, but art degrees of any kind take a special dedication to leverage into a later career. Before considering what school to attend to get that MFA, a writer should sit down and really consider if the degree is worth the time, energy and expense. Many times, the answer will be yes, but would-be writers should be willing to take a realistic look at all factors, aside from just raw talent.

Be the applicant business schools want to admit

Getting into business school is about more than having good scores and some work experience under your belt. It’s all about building a strong personal brand, and knowing your audience. If you do that right, you could be sitting pretty in an MBA program next fall!