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Guidance for first time managers on becoming an effective leader

Kelly Roach
Business Growth Strategist, Speaker, Wellness Transformation Coach
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Develop practical skills to reduce job stress and become resilient

Todd R Donalson
Director of Training and Consultation

Advice for managers on successfully managing interns

Sunaina Mehra
Coordinator of Client Relations and Marketing
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A career coach helps you search for and land the perfect job

Michael Kerrigan
Founder and President
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Advice when you are promoted to manager of your previous co-workers

Mary Nestor-Harper
Author, writer, speaker, management and career consultant
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React to workplace bullies with knowledge, confidence and control

Mary Jo Rapini LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor
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What to do immediately after you are laid off from your job

Tony Deblauwe
Workplace and Career Expert
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Follow these rules of behavior and etiquette at the office party

Lydia Ramsey
International business etiquette expert, professional speaker and author

Career Management

Managing your career as an employee isn’t just about knowing how not to get fired, it’s also about planning for your future by knowing when and how to ask for a raise, negotiating benefits and retirement, balancing your work and life, and even understanding your labor value to the company. For a boss in charge of multiple workers, career management means knowing how and when to fire an employee, enhancing productivity and keeping your staff happy, and also knowing when your business is in need of a overhaul. Whether you are overworked and underpaid or happy with your work environment and just wanting some advice to help you with the next step, ExpertBeacon’s business professionals are here to help.