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Cash Nickerson's picture

Getting to next - Making that first job a positive experience

Cash Nickerson
President, PDS Tech, Inc.
Bonnie Marcus's picture

How women can get the promotion they deserve

Bonnie Marcus M.Ed, CEC
Executive coach, speaker, author
Laurie Morse-Dell's picture

Build your professional brand to be successful in the workplace

Laurie Morse-Dell
Social Media and Personal Branding Coach
Kieran Flanagan's picture

Why women need an inefficiency drive at work to be successful

Kieran Flanagan
CCO, Speaker and Author of Selfish, Scared and Stupid
May McCarthy's picture

Realize greater career success in 30 minutes a day

May McCarthy
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Investor, & Author of “The Path to Wealth”
Mary Nestor-Harper's picture

Use your job as a ladder to climb up to your dream job

Mary Nestor-Harper
Author, writer, speaker, management and career consultant


We spend at least one-third of our day immersed in our careers. It’s no wonder we are often stressed, emotional, and left wondering how to handle our next career move. Sometimes we just need the advice of a neutral professional, a career expert to advise us on the things we should not do as much as on the things we should do. ExpertBeacon’s career experts—management professors, career coaches, workplace consultants, and HR specialists—will guide you through the chaos of careers whether you’re a manager or first-time employee. You’ll find topics such as writing killer resumes and cover letters, job search tips, negotiating job offers, dealing with bad bosses and bad performance reviews, and surviving career burnout.